IChiOne @ OT301

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The first IChiOne installment of 2013 is something we look forward to with great anticipation.

Supplying you with a variety of low frequencies, complex rhythm and elevating melodies.
The IChiOne deejays will offer beats, bliss and bass galore, taking the audience on a sensory, but spiritual experience with quality selections.

Quest One will keep the crowd in pace and the visuals of Christopher will complement the evening.

This time IChiOne has invited Fracture, the Astrophonica label boss, producer and DJ, renowned for his original and progressive twist of Drum and Bass.
Expect an original mixture of drum and bass, jungle and, Juke music.

IChiOne is a rare event, providing an intimate and tranquil atmosphere.
The fortunate have realized, become part of the family too and join us!

Lineup: Arnicvs, Trax, Fracture, Silvahfonk, Quest One Mc

Date: Saturday 02 March 2013
Location: OT301, Amsterdam,
Start/end: 22:00 – 03:00
Entrance: 8.00 €