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IChiOne Allnighter – 10 Year Anniversary / 24-05-2014 / Toren – Amsterdam

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Final edition IChiOne – Final clubnight Toren: Last chance – Don’t miss out!!!

IChiOne: Uniified by frequency, rhythm and melody since 2004.

IChiOne is the longest running drum & bass event with its roots n Amsterdam soil and has been building up a loyal international & national fan base over the last decade. IChiOne is One of the unique pillars of the drum and bass scene, known for its strong ethos, but also for its open mindedness and experimental programming.

Many artists have made their first Amsterdam appearance during IChiOne. Take, for example artists, including Breakage, Ben UFO, Instra: mental, Ramadanman and Shackleton and an abundance of other artists.

Saturday, May the 24th, 2014 IChiOne touches down at Toren to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. Lovers of deep bass and complex rhythms heed the call for this 10th year anniversary, as IChiOne programmed an amazing line up.

This is also the penultimate Saturday in the existence of Toren , the Amsterdam underground club of the moment, will be closing its doors for good the 1st of june .

IChiOne parties are blessed with its tranquil atmosphere and amazingly welcoming, yet earthy hospitality, so feel welcome to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience.

Although IChiOne prefers the underground and resides in the shadows, during this event IChiOne will make the night as bright as day.

IChiOne shines like the sun.



IChiOne @ OT301 / saturday 22 march

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DJ Sets by:
Arnicvs (Jungletrain / IChiOne) NL
Yorobi (Jungletrain) NL
Ricky Force (Pressin’ Hard / Mac2 /DSCi4 / 36 Herz) IE
Silvahfonk IChiOne (Creative Wax / IChiOne) NL
Hosted by:
Quest One (IChiOne) NL
Visuals by:
Christopher Valentini Gabriel (Children of the Light) NO
Live stream by:
OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
7 euro

IChiOne @ OT301

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Unified by frequency, rhythm and melody since 2004.

Feel welcome to enter our mandala the 6th of december at OT301.

Check in at


Be. In. Tune.

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Drum Machine

IChiOne 9 Year Anniversary!!!

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Saturday the 1st of june something special is about to happen at OT301.

IChiOne, the longest running Amsterdam based drum and bass event will celebrate their 9 year anniversary.

The usual ingredients of low frequencies, complex rhythms, elevating melodies and spiritual and social commitment will blend the ultimate dish for beat geeks and bass addicts.

Be / In / Tune.

IChiOne @ OT301

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The first IChiOne installment of 2013 is something we look forward to with great anticipation.

Supplying you with a variety of low frequencies, complex rhythm and elevating melodies.
The IChiOne deejays will offer beats, bliss and bass galore, taking the audience on a sensory, but spiritual experience with quality selections.

Quest One will keep the crowd in pace and the visuals of Christopher will complement the evening.

This time IChiOne has invited Fracture, the Astrophonica label boss, producer and DJ, renowned for his original and progressive twist of Drum and Bass.
Expect an original mixture of drum and bass, jungle and, Juke music.

IChiOne is a rare event, providing an intimate and tranquil atmosphere.
The fortunate have realized, become part of the family too and join us!

Lineup: Arnicvs, Trax, Fracture, Silvahfonk, Quest One Mc

Date: Saturday 02 March 2013
Location: OT301, Amsterdam,
Start/end: 22:00 – 03:00
Entrance: 8.00 €

Jungletrain. Live. Stream.

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What’s up junglists,

Make sure to mark this saturday December 1st in your calendars for another edition of IChiOne! For this edition we have invited Break-Fast from Groningen (NL) and Technicality from London.

This edition will be held once again at the venue OT 301 in Amsterdam. If you will be making it down, we open the night at 21.00 sharp and the beats will continue until 3AM (CET, GMT+1, ES

T-6, PST-9)

Arnicvs will be opening the night with three hours of old and new, atmospheric and funky jungle and drum and bass.

Next, we have none other than Chris Inperspective and Senses representing the Inperspective Records / Technicality label and events with a 1.5 hour back to back session.

Head honcho of Break-Fast Audio, Fre4knc, will be wrapping up the evening in a back to back session with IChiOne ambassador Silvahfonk.

Throughout the evening, resident master of ceremony Quest One will be providing the music with lyrics.

Of course we will be streaming the entire evening live on, so if you can’t be at the party, make sure to head over to this saturday and listen in at!

For more information about the event, check out the Facebook event post:

See you this saturday!

IChiOne ❤ Break – Fast ❤ Technicality

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These dark days ask for togetherness, IChiOne ensures the warm basses, rousing rhythms and uplifting melodies.
This edition IChiOne invited Break-Fast from Groningen and Technicality from London to celebrate their joint passion for experiment, abstract beats, drum funk and future jungle.

Jungletrain initiator and IChiOne resident Arnicvs will open the evening with a selection that will connect the past and the present of jungle and drum & bass.

Chris Inperspective and Senses are the representatives of the label Inperspective and the Techniclity evenings. This duo is known for their knowledge of the rich drum and bass history and their ability to convey their own enthusiasm to the crowd.

IChiOne ambassador Silvahfonk and Fre4knc, head honcho of Break-Fast Audio, will play a b2b, to symbolize the connection between both organisations. In the past they were known for Royal & Raw, their set is a paragon of friendship. Both DJs are known as excellent selectors and master technicians.

Quest One is the resident host of the evening and will provide the music with lyrics and motivate the crowd to participate.

C.V. Gabriel makes the evening complete with his visuals which create magical spheres.

The IChiOne evenings are unique in its kind, the fixed national and international followings confirm. Those who have not been so fortunate yet are invited to participate the movement.

Everyone is welcome, invite your best friends and their best friends. It is the only just thing to do!

IChiOne 8 Year Anniversary

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 Saturday the 2nd of june 2012

DJ Sets:
Havoc & Karbonkid (Ruffskool) BE
Arnicvs ( / IChiOne) NL
DJ Trax (Audio Buffet / IChiOne) UK
Silvahfonk (Demand Records / IChiOne) NL

Fanu (Lightless / Ninja Tune) FI

Quest One (IChiOne) UK

Visuals:                                                                                                                                                                         C.V. Gabriel (A Studio / IChiOne) NO
Lennart Visuals (IChiOne) NL

Shazeeb IN

Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

8 Euro






Saturday 31st, 2012 — At OT301

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Saturday, March 31, 2012
Overtoom 301, 1054 HW Amsterdam, Netherlands
21pm — 03am.
We Be Celebrating The Nineties 

Dj sets:
DJ Trax (Audio Buffet – IChiOne) UK
Silvahfonk (Creative Wax – IChiOne) NL
Micky ( NakedLunch – IChiOne) IE
Danny Breaks (Droppin Science – Alphabet Zoo) UK
Phil Source (Source Direct – Vampire) UK

Quest One (IChiOne) UK

C.V. Gabriel (A Studio) NO

Shazeeb IND

Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

8 Euro