IChiOne ❤ Break – Fast ❤ Technicality

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These dark days ask for togetherness, IChiOne ensures the warm basses, rousing rhythms and uplifting melodies.
This edition IChiOne invited Break-Fast from Groningen and Technicality from London to celebrate their joint passion for experiment, abstract beats, drum funk and future jungle.

Jungletrain initiator and IChiOne resident Arnicvs will open the evening with a selection that will connect the past and the present of jungle and drum & bass.

Chris Inperspective and Senses are the representatives of the label Inperspective and the Techniclity evenings. This duo is known for their knowledge of the rich drum and bass history and their ability to convey their own enthusiasm to the crowd.

IChiOne ambassador Silvahfonk and Fre4knc, head honcho of Break-Fast Audio, will play a b2b, to symbolize the connection between both organisations. In the past they were known for Royal & Raw, their set is a paragon of friendship. Both DJs are known as excellent selectors and master technicians.

Quest One is the resident host of the evening and will provide the music with lyrics and motivate the crowd to participate.

C.V. Gabriel makes the evening complete with his visuals which create magical spheres.

The IChiOne evenings are unique in its kind, the fixed national and international followings confirm. Those who have not been so fortunate yet are invited to participate the movement.

Everyone is welcome, invite your best friends and their best friends. It is the only just thing to do!